Why we decided to have two babies within two years

To some, it may seem too soon – having a baby 19 months after your first. To us, it made perfect sense. Here’s why.

I grew up with sisters and brothers – plenty of them in fact (5 sisters and 2 brothers – some ‘step’ and ‘half’, but my brothers and sisters all the same). In our childhood, this meant always having a friend. Someone to play with, someone to turn to, someone to rely on and someone to talk to.

I remember one day I was on the school bus with my little sister who was having trouble making friends. She was only in year 1 – so small! Instead of sitting alone on the bus dreading the day ahead of her, she sat with me and we chatted nonsense the whole bus ride. At lunchtime, she’d come find me and just hang out. Eventually, she made friends and became a little more independent, but I got to be there for her during a very scary time in her life (starting school can be scary as shit for a small 5/6 year old human!). She had the safety net of having her big sister close by, who she knew she could come to when she was sad, lonely or scared. Imagine being that important to someone! It was my most important role in growing up – being a big sister.

There are several other cute stories I could share with you if we took a trip down memory lane together, but they all point to the same thing – having brothers and/or sisters is the best gift my parents could have ever given me. We couldn’t wait to give Taylor the same gift, and we figured why¬†wait? If we were lucky enough to fall pregnant again right away, it would only grow our hearts even more (is that even possible?!) – and sooner rather than later. It made perfect sense to us.

If you asked Justin (my fiance) for his reasons behind why he wanted children close in age, he’d give you his own good reasons. Lucky for us, each of our reasons put together resulted in wanting the same thing and we were both beyond grateful when we learned that we’d have another baby joining our family this August.

Having children close in age, while we acknowledge will be challenging, was a no-brainer for us. Not just for the reasons above, but also because it meant our children would be at a similar level. It would teach each of them valuable lessons about being kind, being loving, sharing and SO much more. It also meant I could take some more time off work to be with both children instead of placing them in daycare (not that there is anything wrong with working mummy’s and daddy’s who have their children in daycare – in fact I take my hats off to those incredibly hard-working parents!), which meant a lot to me. Mainly because I didn’t want to miss a single thing or feel robbed of our time together. My top priority in life right now is to be the best mother I can be to my two perfect little people (or to my almost 14-month old daughter and avocado-sized babe-on-board).

We realise and appreciate that having children is an absolute blessing – in fact, we actually feel that both our babies are proper little miracles (I’ll have to get into that another day, but we’ve well and truly proved that Doctors don’t always get it right!) and we’ve loved the process of becoming parents and raising our daughter so much that nothing made more sense to us than growing our family (like, right away).

Two babies under two. This will be fun!

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