The Letdown (it’s a goodie)

I scrolled past this series while scanning the Netflix app and added it to my ‘watch list’ for when Justin (fiance) wasn’t around. I knew he’d likely not find it as fun as I did (he’s weird like that – doesn’t enjoy Jane the Virgin either… scoff). Anyway, best decision ever because the main character (Audrey) soon had me laughing and crying at the very real challenges of becoming a mummy.

It’s about a new mummy (Audrey) who joins a parents-support group with her 2-month┬ábub and makes some interesting friends and discoveries along the way. Outside of the group she’s busy adjusting to lack of sleep,┬ábaby brain and several emotional rollercoasters. I found myself relating to Audrey in almost every aspect of her life. This series is something all new mummies (and second, third, or even fourth-time mummies!) have been longing for – someone who represents the reality of #MumLife. Someone to relate to. To say ‘hey, we’re all going through the motion and doing the best we can, and it’s ok’, and ‘if you’re here to judge me, f*** the f*** off’. A breath of fresh air.

Do yourself a favour and watch it. Be prepared though – it will bring back all the (fun) memories of when you first brought your little bundle home with you and have you sobbing about how fast your baby is growing while encouraging you to either a) looking for some serious and immediate contraception or b) try for baby number 2. You’re gonna LOVE it.

Oh and PS while we’re on good TV shows, add Jane the Virgin to your ‘watch list’. It’s super lame, but addictive & I sorta dig it.

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