Tag: Second Time Pregnancy

My hypnobirthing story

[The pain] was manageable then suddenly unbearable and I found myself asking why I thought it’d be a good idea to put myself through this again. Then, I held our son Brodie, and it all made sense. I felt the love that I felt when I met Taylor all over again. And I am now […]

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Why we decided to have two babies within two years

To some, it may seem too soon – having a baby 19 months after your first. To us, it made perfect sense. Here’s why. I grew up with sisters and brothers – plenty of them in fact (5 sisters and 2 brothers – some ‘step’ and ‘half’, but my brothers and sisters all the same). […]

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Surviving morning sickness with a toddler

It’s a question I got a lot after I announced we were expecting our second baby later this year; ‘how do you deal with the morning sickness while raising a toddler?!’. Fair question. And truth be told, it was difficult difficult lemon difficult. Taylor was a few days short of 11 months old when I […]

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