Struggling to focus on YOUR health since becoming a mummy?

WITH the transition into parenthood, it’s easy to lose sight of taking care of you – but it’s super important that you do. Here are a few tips on how I focus on my daughter’s health AND stay on track with my own.
Numero uno (1) – sleep

“HA”, I hear you say. Hell I even contemplated whether or not to include this one cos the odds just aren’t in your favour when it comes to getting a good nights sleep with a newborn. We all go through sleep deprivation and we all feel the effects (as someone who has always needed a good 8 hours sleep to properly function in the day, this got me good). But your baby will likely go through phases of better sleeping routines than others (I’ll cross my fingers for you in hoping, anyway, but most mumma’s I know do all seem to experience this) so when your little honeybun-pie gives you opportunity to sleep a lil extra, take him/her up not the offer. Say, cheers darls, I could really use a nap. Then, let the dishes sit there and the washing wait till tomorrow, and go rest your eyes, sweet cheeks.

Two (I only know the number one in Spanish, soz for the inconsistency, too lazy to google…) – make time for ‘me’ time

Make a point of having ‘me’ time every single day. I actually can’t stress this point enough. What did you like to do pre-baby? Yoga? Pole dancing? Go do it. Don’t lose side of who you are. You’re still you. You just kickin’ ass as a mumma-bear now too. But you still gotta do you.

Tres (ok yes we have reverted back to spanish – just roll with it) – coffee, coffee…. coffee

Drink it. If you actually needed me to give you this tip and you hadn’t already thought of it yourself, well, I really don’t know what to say to you. Coffee is the fuel of motherhood. It’s ya best mate, mate. My darling baby-daddy brings me a hot black one every morning before he dashes off to work because he knows that without it, I’m a crazy b*tch, basically. Don’t like coffee? You weird. Kidding (or am I?) – try tea maybe? I’m a big fan of tea. Black tea, green tea – whateva floats your boat.

Four (I realise I am being super annoying going back and fourth between Spanish and English but ‘tratar con el’, babe) – try to have a wee bit of a plan

It’s a fact – I eat better when I have a plan. Don’t roll your eyes and stop reading – I am not about to talk to you about proper meal prep with container after container full of steamed chicken and green veg without flava n sh*t. Snore.

As I am sure you, as a fellow mummy would agree, most days go super quick and there generally isn’t a lot of time for chopping up ingredients n crap. I don’t even have time to prep a salad or boil eggs a lot of the time (mainly because I forget about the eggs on the stove and come too close to burning the house down thanks to poo-ey nappies, spew up and so forth). So I think ahead about what I want for lunches/dinners and we go grocery shopping as a family so that I am not setting myself up for failure by having no ingredients in the house. I do a lot of roasting in the oven, because what’s easier than throwing some chicken breast in a baking dish and letting it cook in the day while you blow raspberries on ya munchkins belly and smother their little cheeks with kisses? Add a few potatoes, pumpkins and carrots and you’ve got yo’self a meal set for a queen (a meal set for you, queen!). There’s always enough chicken leftover for lunchtime too – always have frozen veg in the freezer and wa-lah, you got a healthy & quick meal. I’m telling ya, a little prep goes a loooooong way. It’s certainly saved me from one hell of a-lotta skipped meals and/or processed foods.

Five – get in the right mindset about exercise

Yes it’s important to exercise. This is not rocket science. It’s not a revelation either. What might be a revelation to a to-be and/or new mummy, or more likely just something you’ve not really had a chance to think about previously, is the fact that you are not going to be able to get as much done as you could before bub was born. It’s as simple as that. Let it go. Let it be. It’s ok. If exercising every day is important for you (but you obviously don’t have time for hour-long sessions at the gym everyday), consider other ways of getting exercise in. For me personally, when I exercise I feel 100 times better. I have way more energy in the day and I feel happier, so exercising most days of the week is important for me and my mental/physical health. For that reason, I try to get a few hour-long gym sessions in during the week. On the days I can’t get to the gym I make sure to include other exercise routines. For example I have recently started implementing quick 15 minute HIIT sessions which I do from home. Thirty seconds on, thirty seconds off. I go my absolute hardest and it’s over within 12-15 minutes. This is actually amazing to do – gets your happy endorphins a’rollin and your heart beating (Taylor freaking LOVES when I do push ups over her – cue the giggles… watching this mumma try to do push-ups is quite hilarious, I will admit). If I am too tired for that, I just take Taylor and our pup for a walk around the block. Some days all I do are a bunch of star jumps or backyard runs chasing our pup. I basically just try to get my heart pumping (even just a little bit) every day because it’s good for me – it makes for a happy heart, gets the blood flowing and makes me feel good.  Have the right mindset about what you can achieve. Be realistic and flexible. Don’t be hard on yourself. Do these things and it won’t bother you so much or throw you off track when things don’t go to plan.

And there ya have it

Our babies health and wellbeing is incredibly important – obviously, but so is our health and wellbeing. I didn’t even realise I had lost sight of taking care of me until my partner (the clever little cookie he is) told me that I am only going to be able to take care of our daughter if I take care of myself too. And ain’t that the truth. What good are we to our babies if we are constantly sick? Constantly under the weather? Constantly overtired? Have no time to ourselves to relax or do things that make us happy? We are important. A little self-love goes a long way. And speaking of little, Taylor’s just woken from her very little nap and is expressing great dissatisfaction with my not having collected her from her cot yet. Alas, I must bounce. Adios, amigas and amigos. I hope you found this as informative as I intended (super, SUPER informative). 


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