Ok, it’s been a hot minute since I last blogged (or 8 months to be exact, but who’s counting?). The truth is, I’ve been trying to find a bit of balance in my life. I have had so much going on at once with two kids at home (Taylor is 3 and Brodie is 2), my part-time marketing job – and a massive new project there which I initially said no to (because… burnout) but then changed my mind and of course took the massive task on board, my Spell Dress Hire business (which has been put on hold too) and uni. Amongst all of that, I had to try to find time for exercise of some sort and ‘me’ time where I could relax ALONE (ha! Like that’s gonna happen, right fellow mama’s!?).

Anyway, I ended up feeling so overwhelmed that I needed a major life re-assessment. I know for a fact that I am not the only mum juggling a zillion things. And when we juggle a zillion things, we think about those zillion things throughout the day when we should be focusing on the task in front of us. Like playing with my two beautiful children (this has always been important to me – spending as much time as possible with my two – hence not ever putting them into child care, but this year was especially important as next year our daughter starts Kindy). When your mind is that boggled with so much thought and the never-ending list of ‘crap I still have to do this’, you need to make change… Because it’s not sustainable and having a clear, mindful headspace is a much better way to live. No one gets a reward for being constantly stressed or busy.

So, I wrote a list of my obligations and priorities, and whichever didn’t make it to the top 3 would have to either go or at least be put on hold. My biggest priority was always my family – on each of the lists I made, it was clear this was what I needed to focus on. Second to that was my mental health and third, was finishing uni (currently in my last EVER subject guys WOOHOO). All of the remaining priorities were important, but the line had to be drawn somewhere – so I scribbled them out (temporarily, but still – so satifsying watching things disappear from your to-do list!). I scribbled off my blog, Dress Hire business, and prepared myself to be fired from my 2.5 days per week marketing job as I approached my boss 6 weeks in and told her I couldn’t do the hours required of me. Thankfully, I have an amazing boss and I got to stay. Now that I am on the home stretch with uni (double degree coming in hot in November ladies and gents – woohoo!!), I feel like I will soon have a lot more time to do more of the little things that fill my cup. Like blogging, right here!

I am going to try to deliver fun and real blogs to you monthly (consistently!) and have a few cool ideas in mind for things I want to do with this platform. I have a small following, but you guys are super engaging and always give me feedback and laugh/cry with me along this journey, so I feel like this will be a fun new chapter. I have so many stories to tell about my motherhood journey – from getting them to eat their gosh-darn dinner, to returning to work, getting our 2-year-old to sleep through the night, and stopping horrendous sibling fights. Nothing is sugar-coated here… you’re in for a real treat. Shit gets crazy with two toddlers, let me tell ya.

Over & out!

Lisa xx

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