Oh baby! Part 1 – the first trimester

Random quick spews, 24/7 nausea, teetahs so sore even the shower water landing on them hurts and emotional outbursts…. welcome to week 6 of pregnancy. This was me, about 3 months ago. I can describe it easily for you in just one word… hell. Here’s my story to date.

Before we knew our lives were about to change…

I woke up feeling sick for about the 10th consecutive day and decided that hey, maybe my fiance was onto something when he said ‘you must be pregnant’ for the 100th time. After rolling my eyes at how ridiculous his claim was (again), I pulled myself out of bed and forced myself in the shower. Then, the shower water landed on my lady bumps and holy lord, the pain!! That was it. That was the moment I knew I had to take that spare pregnancy test I had somewhere in my knicker drawer (yes I had one laying around from the last time I had what I thought were pregnancy symptoms but I now realise were definitely NOT pregnancy symptoms because pregnancy symptoms are awful and I’d never experienced anything like it before… anyway, back to it…).

I jumped out of the shower, crouched over due to a) the pain I just felt on my teetahs and b) the OMG-I-need-to-spew feeling that just came over me (again) and peed on the stick. I proceeded getting myself ready for work (cursing along the way… ‘This is f*****! What is wrong with me? Something is seriously f****** wrong here… WTF!!?’). About 20 minutes later I went back and checked on the test, thinking nothing of it… Then I saw it… ‘Pregnant… 3 + Weeks’. I stared silently for about 10 seconds . Then I stared for a bit longer… Then I reacted (and by reacted, I mean had a slight panic attack). With my hand to my (pale, nauseated) forehead, I stood at the bathroom door where my fiance was showering and blurted it out to him so quickly that I don’t even remember exactly what I said. What I do remember though, is seeing him wipe the fogged up shower screen and smile back at me as if to say, “I told you so” and “stop freaking out you lunatic, it’s going to be OK” (my guess is that he heard the sheer terror in my voice). Instant relief came over me (for about 00.02 seconds until I started freaking out again). I stopped for a second pregnancy test on my way to work and peed on a second stick…. at work – because who the hell could possibly sit wondering all day whether or not they’re growing a human?! Not me). Long story short, this second test confirmed that I was in fact, with child.

Weeks 6-13…

So sniffing lemons on the drive to work and nibbling on dry biscuits all day long became my norm (the biscuits helped, the lemons… not so much – I just looked like a total weirdo to all the cars beside me at the traffic lights). My toilet trips quadrupled and I could no longer put any effort into anything except resting. I was not only incredibly ill, but also incredibly stressed and emotional. Things were happening to my body that confused me. In my 25 years, I’d never experienced a lot of what I was then experiencing. Thankfully, I have a few close friends with kids and I could turn to them for help. But for the questions they couldn’t answer, I felt isolated. Each time I had a new symptom I’d google it which would eventuate to me googling my chances of miscarriage (which, if you are pregnant for the first time and reading this, I beg you to NOT do this to yourself). I was terrified of losing him/her. I remember coming home from work one day and just crying on our bed because the stress of keeping it a secret until the ‘safe point’ of the pregnancy combined with my feeling so sick and struggling to get out of bed in the mornings became too much. I think this is about the time my fiance really saw and understood what I may have been going through. What a blessing that was, because he’s been amazing ever since. Patient and understanding, extra caring and loving (even when I was being a downright b*tch). What we women go through is indescribable. I thought I had a pretty good understanding of what pregnancy would be like, but I had no friggen idea. It’s tough. Some women glide through it and glow the whole time. I am not one of those women.

My healthy lifestyle was thrown out the window, which is pretty frustrating considering it’s an important time to be eating healthy an exercising… But I wasn’t going to force myself to do anything I didn’t feel up to doing. I went from eating vegetables everyday for lunch, snacks and dinner, to vomiting at the sight of them. From getting up at 6.30am every single weekday morning for F45 to staying in bed as long as I can in the mornings before beginning my dreaded day. Everyone is different, but for me, this was one of the most frustrating and upsetting things for me. I worked very hard on keeping my body the healthiest it could be (that’s not to say I don’t like my desserts, beer and take out, because believe me… I do), and I was the fittest and healthiest I believe I have ever been. F45 training for me was my escape from a busy or stressful day, it gave me energy and confidence – I felt 100% good vibes every time I was there training. Today, I am almost half way through my pregnancy and still haven’t been able to get back into any sort of exercise routine.


With all of the above being said, I am incredibly grateful for how my life (and my fiances life) is about to change. Sure it’ll be different, but I am ready to be a mama and I think I’ll be a pretty good one too (if I do say so myself). The exercise routine will come back to me at some stage and I am okay with that. I wouldn’t trade any of my constant nausea, spewing, headaches, fatigue, weird cravings or mood swings if it means I have a healthy little human growing in me. The fact that my body can grow him/her is a miracle and so while the road so far has been bumpy to say the least, I feel blessed and excited for what’s to come. If you are currently pregnant for the first time and feel a little isolated/stressed/confused/emotional, you are not alone. I found that apps such as The Bump, Ovia, Baby Center and Hello Belly extremely helpful in reminding me that my symptoms were pretty normal and that stressing really does no good.

Also, to give ourselves some peace of mind (and because I am the most impatient person in the world), we decided that I’d have the Harmony Test done at 10 weeks pregnant. It’s a blood test which checks for chromosomal abnormalities and isn’t one which many people had heard of when I spoke about it (it’s reasonably new). It costs approx $450 and gives you results within a week (this is not in place of the nuchal translucency scan – we chose to have this in addition to the scan simply because we both wanted to be confident that the baby was A-OK). The Harmony Test is just a little more thorough I believe, and it is also a lot more accurate with its results. What the Harmony Test also reveals is the sex of the baby…. And we are excited to confirm that the sex of our baby will not be revealed for a little while yet (HA, soz!!). We want to enjoy this ourselves before we tell the world, and at this stage only a few close friends and family know (even though I keep referring to him/her as him/her and slipping up, so we will have to reveal it soon – stay tuned!). x

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