My top 8 tips for mama’s-to-be

Let me start this post by saying I am no expert in pregnancy… I am merely a first time preggers lady who went into pregnancy thinking it was one thing, only to realise it’s in fact the total opposite. You’d know this, if you’d read my previous few blog posts about my pregnancy so far (in other words, go read those posts… when you’re finished with this one perhaps.. but only if you wanna… just do it.) Tips below, in order of importance…

1 – BABY MOON. Do it. Go on a trip away somewhere just you and your partner. Switch off for an entire weekend. Am I the only one who hears this and gets all warm inside just thinking about it? My partner and I are going on our baby moon this coming weekend to a 5 star ocean suite resort (about an hour away from home) and I am SO excited to laze by our hotel pool and eat (and laze and eat some more). This will quite literally be our last getaway for a very long time once our little babe arrives. That’s nothing to complain about, but it’s nice to get some down time in away from home and everything else before that happens. Definitely my numero-uno tip.

2 – If you’re anything like me, you will miss wearing nice clothes and shopping for them. You will still window shop online and in stores, but feel sad when you know it’d be a waste of money to actually purchase anything because you do not want to put any pressure on yourself to drop the weight the second the baby is born and you really don’t know what size you will be anyway (let’s be real). As I am heavily pregnant now, with several christmas events coming up, I found this even more depressing because all the girls at work were talking about these nice dresses they were wearing to our christmas functions etc, and I kept thinking I’d end up wearing my go-to slip dress (again… for the tenth time that week). Then someone reminded me about all the dress hire places in Adelaide. I have hired outfits for events before but it didn’t even cross my mind to look here since baby arrived in belly. Best idea ever. I found a dress in a larger size than I normally would be (pre baby) and hired it for $30. No money wasted on buying a dress that I may not ever wear again! Because it was a dress I hadn’t worn before, it felt new, which meant I felt extra pretty (I know that you know that feeling.. that new dress feeling…). Moral of this second point; hire clothes for events! (Hire them for non-events too, when you’re having one of those really deflated weeks after seeing your swollen ankles and hands in the mirror again… Giving yourself a little TLC right now doesn’t just mean rest.. It also means doing things to feel like your old self. Treating yourself – without wasting any money. It’s a win-win!)

3 – My third tip is probably a pretty obvious one, but to hell with it. Do not buy any new shoes. NONE. Not sandals, not slip ons, not boots – nothing. Why? Well, if you have to ask, you’re obviously not as pregnant as I am, and haven’t yet experienced swelling. It’s really a very pleasant symptom. NOT. I cannot slide my foot into any of my pre-pregnancy shoes – there’s literally 2 pairs that I wear to death because they are stretchy and accommodate for my situation. Just don’t put yourself through the upsetting saga of trying on shoes, and most definitely do not buy them. Save that for after the baby is here!

4 – Treat yourself. This week I decided to get my hair done. I haven’t had it done for a looonnnggggg time, mainly because I was undecided about what I wanted, but also because when I found out I was pregnant, I decided it was time to really cut back on such luxuries and focus on saving for our little babe. When you reach the third trimester though, and you’re officially waddling and your hair’s starting to snap off and your skin is dry and flaky all of a sudden and your feet are swollen and you can’t wear pretty shoes OR pretty clothes because maternity wear really just doesn’t cut it, you need change and you damn-well deserve it too. Well, that’s what I told myself anyway. I won’t have as much time for hair appointments when she arrives, so I think this is pretty fair. Your partner will understand and will probably be all for it too. He does, after all, wanna keep mama bear happy (or else…). No but really, he by now will know what you’re going through and will support your decision for some TLC. I could almost guarantee it.

5 – Four words. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. Yes you may have almost burnt the house down a few weeks ago by leaving the stove on after cooking and leaving the house for baby shopping (thanks to my partner who somehow knew to check the stove before we left, we do still have a roof over our heads – true story, said person involved was in fact, yours truly…), but baby brain is a thing I SWEAR IT. Your body is working so hard to grow this baby and with everything going through your mind right now with preparing yourself mentally and physically for labour and thereafter, it’s pretty reasonable to expect that you may be distracted. Also, on another note, when it comes to those of you who work full time, don’t go too hard on yourself if you are starting to wear out sooner than you used to. I don’t know about ya’ll, but thanks to the extra weight, feeling constantly hot and yuck, inability to sleep on my back and the sucky pregnancy pillows (which everyone swears by but I do not believe they do anything at all), I am sleeping only 2-3 hours per night. I am moody as shit as a result, and exhausted pretty much all the time. My back hurts, my feet hurt and again… I am tired as shit. (And moody. But I said that already.) This week I decided it was time to cut back on my hours at work. I still have 3 weeks left before I go on maternity leave, but everyone’s different and if you need to change your plan a little, that’s ok. I am not going to push myself to the point of absolute exhaustion, because my baby (and I, for that matter) deserves better. Your body is creating life. Be proud of that.

6 – Don’t panic about having every little thing sorted right now. I am a bit of an organised freak and I stress out a lot. Like, a lot. The nursery isn’t finished yet. Panic. The car seat isn’t installed yet. Panic. We don’t have our hospital bag packed yet. Panic. There are SO many things running through my mind. The “what if’s” freak me out and the fear of the unknown is worse. But stressing will not help. It won’t! So why do we let ourselves get in such a state and freak the eff out. Just chill, do things one by one. Slowly. Everything will get done. It will happen how it’s meant to happen. It will work out exactly how it’s meant to work out. And, like my midwife so accurately put it, you can’t stuff this up and you definitely can’t break the baby (phew). Write a list, tick them off one by one. Breathe.

7 – Enjoy all the furniture putting-together you’re in for. My partner and I LOVE putting flat packs together, together. Nothing is more enjoyable than reading an instruction manual which tells you to put the non-existent part A together with also non-existent part B and trying to make it work, while your partner sits there and argues with you about you ‘doing it wrong’. Really. It’s SUPER fun. Try to not kill each other while getting through the flat packs. Baby will be grateful for it when he/she arrives.

8 – You have only a matter of months/weeks before you become a Mum and a little miracle relies on you for her every need. It’s going to go fast. Believe me – super, super fast. Enjoy every moment. Pause to play when she kicks you (I’ve always done this every single time she kicks – no matter what I am doing, I will stop and touch her back so she knows I am here.. I feel like it’s a bonding thing and I feel totally horrid if I ignore her kicks – it’s her way of communicating to me in a way… awwwww… I know!). Talk to him/her! I often find myself talking to her about what she wants to be named (because we want her opinion obviously), and telling her about how my day was and about her big brother Snoopy (who is a mini poodle and therefore cannot help it that he jumps around literally non-stop and has the personality of a baby goat). Just cherish every moment with your little dude/gal in your belly. She has become such a big part of me that I will probably (almost certainly) feel like something is missing when she’s no longer in my belly, and I know I will miss having her call me home. Although having her start her journey in the world and call me ‘Mum’ makes that totally, 100% worth it.


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