My little girl starts kindy this month. This is how I feel about it..

When you have your first baby, people will always tell you to enjoy it while they’re young because time flies. ‘Before you know it, they’ll be starting school / finishing school / having babies’ etc etc. At the time, you smile and shrug it off because you’ve literally just exited a human being from your body, so you’re… well, a bit preoccupied. But then their first birthday comes around. Then their second, and then third. And with each year that passes, you come to realise that they were right. Time really does fly by.

Our daughter Taylor turns four in six days and the fact that it was almost four years ago that we first held and met our baby girl is crazy to me. She is not a baby anymore. She will always be my baby to me of course, but she isn’t a baby. She is so grown and so aware, so inquisitive and eager to grow up. I try to tell her, slow down, baby girl. But she just looks at me like a weirdo and keeps on growin’.

On 31st Jan, she will start kindy. I remember at the start of 2021 I freaked out at the thought of this. Then in July when hubby and I realised it was only six months before she started, we both said to each other – it’s ok, we still have six months with her before she starts. And now here we sit. With kindy literally around the corner.

I am excited for her. She gets along so well with other kids and loves to play and learn. But I also know that there will be moments where she wants either me or her dad, and that we won’t be there. Like when she hurts herself. Or when a kid snatches. Or when her favourite friend chooses to play with another kid instead of (or in addition to) her. Or whatever it is. Because she is still learning this big ol’ world and has a lot of first experiences yet to go through. And look, I know that she will be ok. But the adjustment for a parent going from being with their child all the time (she never went to childcare) to being without them 2/2.5 days per week (on rotation) is big. Particularly for the child, but also for the parents. And no parent should be shamed for admitting they feel nervous about it.

Obviously I’m not going to cry (in front of her) on her first day, but I will certainly being through the emotions internally. And I swear the reason my husband keeps telling me that I can do the first day drop off with her is because he too feels nervous and knows he will be an emotional wreck. It’s a milestone. The closing of a chapter and the beginning of a new one, where our baby is growing up faster than we were prepared for.

It will be fine (I continue to whisper to myself). She will be fine. The only thing she will dislike about it is not having her little brother around all the time (and having to share toys with 10+ other kids HA). Now excuse me while I continue repeating this to myself until Jan 31 (and beyond).

Have any tips on good routines to get into during Kindy drop off? Please share them on our Instagram or here!

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