Adios morning sickness! Part 2 – the Second Trimester

Just when I was about to give up on any hope of my 24/7 morning sickness easing up any time soon, the wonderful 20th week came and I am so incredibly relieved to confirm that that awful, horrid, wouldn’t-wish-it-upon-anybody nausea vanished. T H A N K    Y O U    L O R D. It felt like a lifetime. I was fed up. It was the same shit everyday. Wake up, spend a while hovering over the toilet, cry a bit, force some breakfast down, hover over the toilet again, spend 5 minutes on making myself look half decent (thank god for Lara Bingle’s The Base, which saved my ass pretty much the entire first trimester when I was no way in hell going to be applying make up), drive to work sniffing a lemon the entire way (google it, it’s apparently a thing… it didn’t work for me at all but I was so desperate that I continued this daily, hoping and wishing…), run back and forth from the toilet from the moment I stepped into the office to the moment I ran out of the office at the end of the day, then home… to do it all again.

Anyway, I’ve been there, done that, and you heard all about it on my previous blog where I pretty much complained to ya’ll about the glorious first trimester the entire time. Ya welcome. Let’s not dwell on the past. Today, I am 30 weeks pregnant and I’ve not had all-day nausea (TOUCH WOOD) for a good 10 weeks. Hallelujah! I have had a few rough days where I found myself desperately praying that this was not the return of morning sickness but rather ‘one rough day’, and am pleased to report that it did pass. Again, touch wood. Do it… touch the wood that the computer/laptop/mobile device that you are reading this from is leaning on… For luck. For me. Cos I cannot have anymore sickness this pregnancy, thank you very much. 

The second trimester for me was actually quite pleasant. Most of it. I did get a lot of headaches though, and I went through a phase where I was completely exhausted come 6pm. Seriously, 7pm bedtimes were a constant in our household and I slept right through to 6.30am. I woke feeling refreshed but then by 6pm the next day, the exhaustion returned. I started to wonder if I was low in Iron, but when the nausea past, I went back to eating a lot of the foods I was eating pre-pregnancy – lots of spinach and healthy foods. So I didn’t really think too much about it and hoped it would pass. Sure enough, it did. Other than that, the second trimester was pretty good for me.

One thing I will mention, is that there was a lot of eating. Particularly towards the end of the second trimester. Actually, scrap that, my entire pregnancy has been one big hunger fest. The first trimester saw me eat small snacks all day long to keep the nausea away (salty chips, soft drink, dry bikkies, and a lot of cold refreshing fruit – basically lots of foods high in saturated fats, sugar and processed carbs… not by any means, healthy… but hey, we do what we can to survive the first trimester). The second trimester was less naughty food (eventually), but still lots of all day snacking. It’s like, if you go too long without food (and by too long I mean an hour), the baby has a tanty and stirs up your belly and makes you feel like you might throw up. So to keep that at bay, I had snacks with me all day… No matter where I went. I am still very prepared with snacks to this day, taking them to the gym with me (to eat after my work out), the shopping centre, dog park, work and so on. A girl gotta eat!

I remember my midwife telling me that my gestational diabetes (GD) test was coming up and when I asked her what I can do to minimise my risk of this she responded with ‘go easy on carbs and sugar’. My partner and I instantly looked at each other and gulped. Shit. Basically my entire diet is carbs and sugar – and it’s been that way since I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks along. I was f*****, I thought. I was a little more strict with my diet after that, I cut right back on sugary treats, completely cut out white carbs (my favourite guilty pleasure – god that was hard!) and cut right back on the fruit. Fruit is good for you don’t get me wrong, but it’s full of sugar and carbs which if you aren’t exercising, I guess can be kinda bad… The only reason I became a little obsessed with avoiding this if I could, is because I was scared it would potentially cause issues for our baby. I googled. That was a terrible idea. I’ve said this before and I will say it again (and again, and again… until you get it…).. do NOT google shit. Talk to your midwife or doctor. Hell, talk to anyone before you google it. Google is bad. BAAAAADDDDDD. It turns out I didn’t get GD, and I don’t know if my cutting back on those foods helped or whether I just got lucky, but I realised afterwards that even if I did get GD, that would have been ok. Sometimes these things just happen and it’s out of your control. That’s just the way life works. My midwife would have guided me through how to deal with it and we would have got through it. I am however, very grateful that this isn’t something we didn’t have to tackle.

“What did you find the hardest during the second trimester?” I’m glad you asked. For me, the second trimester was where I really started to notice my baby brain kicking in. It really, really got to me. I was forgetting stuff, I was making stupid mistakes and I was really, really hard on myself. I came home from work one day and wound up dialing Mum to talk to her like an adult about the tenth ridiculous mistake I’d made that day, only to have a total break down the moment she answered. I lost a receipt which meant I couldn’t prove I’d posted a return item, which meant I couldn’t be reimbursed postage costs and/or prove I’d even shipped the return item, which could’ve meant lost money for me… Which made me a terrible person because I am about to become a Mum and if I can’t even take care of my money how am I going to take care of a baby? Yes, I seriously beat myself up that day. Until Mum told me to sit down, make a cup of tea, chill the eff out, and remember that there is a small human inside of me who is taking all my focus away from the everyday things I used to find second nature. Like remembering shit, and shit.

Did you know that psychologists have actually found that women’s brains and emotions drastically change during pregnancy so much so, that absent-mindedness really does happen to mama’s-to-be AND (and this is the best part), this leads to a more sensitive, effective mama. Yup. One psychologist in particular, Dr Glynn someone (whom I have great respect for cos she totally understands us preggers’ gals) said it herself. It wasn’t only this that made me feel better about my mistakes and forgetfulness, but also my mother who that day on the phone appropriately reminded me that while I might want control of my body back, to never take it for granted – not even for a second, because there are women out there who are unable to carry babies who would quite literally give up anything in order to do so. I have never taken this baby growing in my belly for granted, ever. But I have complained about not having control of my body, and that’s not fair. I really do love being pregnant, and while I do complain a lot (especially now, in my third trimester – but I’ll reveal more on that in my next blog post…), I have loved the experience and will do it all over again to give our first daughter a sibling. Of that I am sure.

So, mama’s-to-be, if you’ve had a rough day today, go put the kettle on, kick your feet up and breathe. Remember that you are growing a human life inside of you. That is freaking hard work! You should be proud. I sure as hell am. I’ll be even more proud when said human enters the world officially… In the mean time, I’m going to take my own advice and make a cup of tea (and eat that chocolate that I’ve been thinking about since dinner time…).

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