A letter to my daughter

We’ve had the pleasure of knowing you for 5 months + 9 days now, and I thought it’d be a good time to touch base and give you the low-down on how you’ve changed our lives.

You said your first word 10 days ago. Everyone on my social media knows about it because I was so proud that I shared it with the world despite my sounding like a total nut bag in the video… I don’t care. You said your first word and it was mumma, and I am proud as punch.

You still wake me anywhere between 1-3 times per night for milk and cuddles, and while I do find it hard getting out of bed sometimes, I never forget how blessed your Dad and I are to have you. Last night I again caught myself staring at your beautiful, chubby little cheeks, dreading the day you don’t need me in the night for milk and cuddles. Dreading the day you won’t fall asleep on me, hold tightly onto my finger or smile whenever I come into the room to pick you up out of your cot. At the same time, I am so excited for our future together. Your Dad and I want to give you a brother or sister (maybe even one of both!), and we always talk about all the things we’ll do together.

Whether or not you find my long stares creepy I don’t know, but the fact that your Dad and I made you, and that you are half me and half him still amazes me.

You are sometimes needy and clingy towards me, and while I know it’s good for you to get used to other people, I also love that you just need your mumma sometimes. It makes my heart do a happy dance. Your Dad says that you’re like me in many ways. Like when you drop the lip and frown he says you look like me when I was a baby (it’s just about the only time you look like me, so I’m gonna take it).

We are incredibly blessed to have you, baby gal. I hope you never ever go a day without feeling loved and cared for. You make our hearts so very full.


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