8 cheap beauty products I refuse to live without

KEYWORD: Cheap. Like I’m talking under $40 (AUD). I don’t know about you, but spending $100 on a 2ml eye serum to allegedly prevent wrinkles is not really my cup of tea. No one wants wrinkles, I get it… But is there really a need to spend so much freaking money on creams and serums we don’t even know work? There are a like a billion different ones to choose from – how do you choose the right one?

I went through a (long and frustrating) process of trying new products from my local chemist until I found my perfect match. Not just with eye serums, but also hair treatments, tanning products and just other bits and pieces which help me look my best. These 8 products (listed below in no particular order) are easily accessible, cheap and effective products which I’ve tested and loved, and will probs never stop using.

1 – Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water RRP $34.95 AUD
FAVOURITE. Okay I said these products are in no particular order but this is hands down my fave I reckon. I started using this just after I had Taylor because I had no time to put a face of make up on but I have lots of blemishes which make me far too self conscious to go bare-faced. This stuff is the reason I am now confident to do just that. I apply it every 2-3 days after washing my face for the night. I wash it off in the morning and have a beautiful, natural looking glow. My blemishes are a little less noticeable and I’m one happy gal! One bottle of this lasts me about 6 months – that’s $70.00 per year on a constant glow… Worth every penny for me. It’s organic and anti-ageing too. Love.

2 – The Base by Lara Bingle RRP $31.00 AUD
I’ve tried pretty much every brand of tinted moisturisers but this one takes the cake. I wear Beige, which for some reason has been unavailable for an extremely long time, but LB addressed this on her insta stories recently saying it will be back soon. Thankfully, she has 2 for 1 (and other good) sales and I always stock up at these times, so I haven’t been without during this ‘unavailable’ period. It’s brilliant. I like it best the day after I’ve had eco tan water on, because it covers any remaining blemishes and looks like I am wearing a light foundation. With SPF 15+, I know I am doing a little bit to help with those harsh sun rays too. A bottle of this lasts about 6 months (I don’t use every day). Take a bow, LB. Ya did good.

3 – Neocell Super Collagen + C Tablets RRP $29.70 AUD
I decided it was time to start doing more to take care of my skin when I turned 27 in July, and chose collagen in tablet form because I’ve read it’s more effective than an external treatment (like a collagen moisturiser, for example). These tablets help with collagen production which in turn helps with anti-ageing, hair strength and growth, and nails. My hair grew in length a huge amount after having Taylor, before I even started taking these tablets (I couldn’t start taking them until I stopped breastfeeding), so I don’t attribute my hair growth to them, BUT I do think they have helped my nails get stronger and I have faith that they’ll help prevent wrinkles… The only annoying thing about them is you need to take 6 a day (couldn’t they just have made one tablet stronger, I wonder?). Nonetheless, I will keep taking them (when I remember) because anything that might help me reduce wrinkles n crap is good in my books.

4 – Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Anti-Ageing Moisturiser RRP $34.50 AUD
Get this baby from Chemist Warehouse and it’ll be at least $5 cheaper than if you were to buy at Coles/Woolies. Bargain, right! It has retinol, which, according to Dr Google, is brilliant for anti-ageing. I feel it tingling (almost slightly burning) under my eyes, but that’s how I know it’s doin’ its thang. I don’t use it on my entire face, neck or decolletage (I just use Sukin or another moisturiser for those areas); just around/under my eyes, lips/mouth/laughline and forehead (aka the worst areas). I love it. I swear it’s helping with my bags. The bomb-diggity.

5 – Bondi Sands Express Self Tanning Foam RRP $24.95 AUD
Finally!!! I have been waiting for an express tan from Bondi Sands for, like, ever. If only they had it when I was breastfeeding… That would have saved some awkward tan circles on Taylor’s face on several occasions… If you use the regular Bondi Sands Foam, I will warn you that this express solution dries super quickly so you need to spread it into your skin immediately to avoid patches. I leave it on for 3 hours cos I like to be ultra dark and the end result is beautiful. It makes my skin look flawless and a more natural, bronzey tan than the regular foam. I’ll never change because this is hands down the best in the market. Use with an application mit (obvs).

6 – Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF 50+ RRP $8.99 AUD
Sunscreen is the number 1 anti-ageing skincare you could possibly find. I won’t wear this under foundation as it does make my skin a little oily, but it’s brilliant for on the go when I am make up-free. This is cheapest from Chemist Warehouse (I got you, girl).

7 – NAK Ultimate Potion Styling Treatment RRP $28.95 AUD
I use this on my damp hair after washing to help prevent frizz and protect against heat styling. I also add a little extra after adding some waves to my hair with my Cloud 9, and find that it adds a little extra frizz-protection and also gives a bit more of a ‘beachy’ texture to my waves. I am all about giving my hair TLC but I don’t have time for leave-in treatments or anything too fancy/complicated. I also have zero time for products which leave my hair feeling like it has loads of product in it – this has a ‘barely there’ feel which I dig.

8 – Batiste Coloured Dry Shampoo RRP $11.99 AUD
If you’re not on the dry shampoo bandwagon, jump on board. I couldn’t live without it. Sometimes I only get to wash my hair one time within an entire week (did you just say ‘ew’ in your head?), but no one else would know it (except you, you get the inside scoop cos you read my blog and you deserve it)! Gives a freshly washed look and volume all at the same time – winna winna chicken dinna.

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